A successful photograph is a surprise




Bettina Greslehner – this is me.

I work as a freelance photographer and artist in Vienna.

To me, photography is inseparably connected with art. This fact influences not only my free photographic work but also my commissioned work. I am constantly striving to think creatively in order to realize ideas and wishes of my clients in a recognizable way.


BETTINA GRESLEHNER – photography & arts 

portrait – family – baby – child – wedding – baptism 


With my art I try to be colorful, funny, exciting and full of variety.

I love experimenting with new techniques and materials. Sculptural woodworking with a chainsaw is a great addition to my portfolio and allows me to create large sculptures and pieces of furniture.


My passion for collecting, starting from comic figures to newspapers, old tools, and natural materials, etc. enriches many works and conveys the spirit of absolute uniqueness.


„If you are not curious, you will not learn anything.“ – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Feel free to visit my homepage and get to know me a little.

I look forward to welcoming you at exhibitions or at the open studio days (also by appointment) in my gallery.